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How do I hide a Valuation Methodology from my export?
How do I hide a Valuation Methodology from my export?

Valuation methodology/ methodologies don't make sense/ irrelevant/ not needed, hide, remove, export modification, adjustment

Updated over a week ago

You may frequently want to hide certain valuation methods. Maybe they are inconsistent with the rest of your results, or simply unsuitable for a specific industry. There are 2 ways by which you can do this.

When you are on the Valuation tab, scroll to the method in question - such as EV/EBITDA or LBO. On each methodology, you can click the "Hide" symbol in the top right corner of each valuation method. This will hide the valuation from view. You can click the "Show" symbol again to bring it back. You can hide or re-reveal as many methods as you wish.

The second way, which is the easier way is to click on "Valuation Methods" in the top-right-hand corner of the Valuations Page.

This will open up the list of all the Valuation Methods. You can simply toggle the switch next to each method to enable or disable the methods you want to use for your valuation. Click on "Save Changes" to confirm your selection.

Here is a video for your reference -

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