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How does Valutico deal with Currency?
How does Valutico deal with Currency?

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How does the platform deal with Valuations that might have reason to interact with different currencies, for example, when using different currencies for the company's revenue and the peers?
When starting a new Valuation, you can choose the currency. This can be separate from the currency of the country where the subject of your Valuation is based. For example, you can value a company in Thailand in USD. To select a currency, open the drop-down menu to the right of the Last Annual Revenues field.

The platform will automatically convert all the figures into your chosen currency. Please note that the currency cannot be changed once it has been selected.

You can also set a Default Currency that you work on for all Valuations. To do the same, please navigate to Profile -> Valuation Settings and set the currency.

You can always change the currency for a Valuation when you are trying to create a new Valuation.

Depending on the currency, you may want to switch your scaling for faster comprehension. You can do this from the Valuation Settings Tab. Once there, click the Scaling Symbol menu to choose your preferred scale.

Here is a video of how to do the same -

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