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ValuPlan Rationale
Updated over a week ago

The Business Plan module contains the financial forecasts that form the basis of the valuation. When first opening this screen, the user is presented with three options on how to populate it with financial forecasts: “P&L Plan” or “Basic Plan” or “Advanced Plan”. The user then has to decide what kind of Business Plan they want to proceed with.

After choosing the type of business plan the user has to select what and how data will be populated into the Business Plan. The two options presented are either “Last year’s Sales only“, or “Upload via Excel”. “Last Year’s Sales only” lets the user proceed without adding any further financial information other than last year's sales number.

Next the user can decide on the benchmarking type. Here the user has the option of proceeding with “Peer Group Data” or “Manual Data only”.

As a last step the user can name the new scenario and go on to creating the business plan.

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