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Upload via Excel
Updated over a week ago

Users can upload their own forecasts by:

  • initially navigating to the Business Plan screen and following the prompts;

  • creating a new scenario and following the prompts; or

  • clicking the “Upload file” button on the Business Plan screen (to the right) under “More”.

Any of the above except clicking the upload button will allow the user to download the “Valutico Model Template” Microsoft Excel Templates, which are required in order to upload custom financials. These can be for up to five years of historical information and up to ten years of forecasts.

The Valutico Model Templates has one tab: Export.

If there is already an existing financial model, it would be possible to copy the “Export” tab into the existing financial model.

NB: Please refrain from adding or deleting any rows or columns or changing the formatting of the cells as this may result in data not being mapped correctly to the platform.

Your Customer Success Manager can demonstrate how to best set up your workflow when working with your spreadsheet based models. Please reach out to the Customer Success Team via Intercom (bottom left corner) or on our website.

Best practice is to ensure that the financial forecasts are complete and accurate before uploading to the Business Plan screen. While the Business Plan screen offers some functionality to make adjustments to the forecasts once uploaded, the intention is not for it to become a replacement for MS Excel and thus adjustments made to the Business Plan screen should be limited (when uploading from spreadsheets).

If the user does not have financial forecasts and wishes to use Valutico estimates (based on Peer data) the upload step can be skipped completely.

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