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How do I see the calculations for the Peers?
How do I see the calculations for the Peers?

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Updated over a week ago

Sometimes, you may want to dive deeper into a company's financials - finding the correct peer is important. That's why we let you see our detailed calculations for the Peers.

When you're on the Peers Tab, click the Three Dots to the left of the Peer name you want to see the details for. Click "Profile" to see the detailed description of the company and the list of all their product and Service Offerings.

You can also view the Financials of the company by clicking on the "Financials" Tab, which shows where we get our data from for the peer, and take you through our calculations - from Market Cap to EV/EBITDA, to Debt Ratio (DC) and more.

For more details on the Beta, click "Beta" You can see how we find the beta over a 5-year (monthly) period.

Here is a video for your reference -

If you have questions about a specific peer or detail, please don't hesitate to contact us further.

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