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Adding Private or Custom Transactions.
Adding Private or Custom Transactions.

How to add Private or Custom Transactions, Missing Transactions, More Transactions, Valuation, Privacy,

Updated over a week ago

If you know of a Transaction that isn't public or listed in our databases that would be useful, you can still add it to your Valuation Project.

On the top-right of our Transactions Tab, below the "Advanced Search" there is a button - "+ Custom Transaction" to add your Custome Transaction, as shown below -

Clicking that button will open up the custom transaction creator. As seen in the image below, you can add the following information: -

  1. Date Announced

  2. Company

  3. Industry,

  4. Bidder Company,

  5. Target Company,

  6. Stake Acquired,

  7. Deal Value,

  8. EV/Sales,


  10. EV/EBIT, and

  11. P/E.

If you don't have all the data, that's okay - leave that field blank. However, the more you can include, the more it will help refine your valuation.

Once you've added all the relevant information, you must click on Add Transaction" at the bottom. It will be saved for the current Valuation alone. You will not be access it in future searches for transactions (you will have to create the same transaction again, in case you want to use the same data for another valuation), and this transaction will only be on your account to make sure any private information is kept confidential.

Here is a video for your reference -

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